We install all types of suspended ceilings for commercial/residential/industrial projects. These include plasterboard, perforated plasterboard, fire rated, moisture resistant, exposed grid and tile, mini strip and feature ceilings. All acoustic/energy requirements can be met by using a variety of insulations and resilient mounts. We can assist in finding products that meet the needs of the client, at the same time as looking for cost savings

External Claddings

We also offer our clients external linings of many different types of compressed fibre cement sheeting. Whether it be external soffits for balconies or walkways, or feature walls and fascias, we can install all CFC linings to met the most imaginative requirements


Paramount Interiors can install all plasterboard and glass partitions to meet any needs required in the commercial market today; acoustic, fire rated, wet area, parti wall, external wall, impact resistant, energy efficient. We use all the up-to-date materials available, we can even help clients find cost savings for their project by looking at alternative materials and insulations to achieve the same specified ratings